What are Libraries in Windows ?

One important, but often forgotten, feature in Windows is Libraries. Libraries are a new method of storage that is unlike anything found in Windows before. A Library is not a folder. Instead, it is a collection of folders that have their contents pooled together in a common area. Windows comes with four default libraries called Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

At first glance, a Library looks a lot like a folder. When you open a Library you will be able to see all of the folders and documents in the Library. You can add files and folders directly to the Library as well. However, the structure of the Library does not necessarily have anything to do with the structure of the files and folders on your hard drive. This subtle change can make a world of difference in a number of situations.

or example, let’s say that you have a home network with several computers on it. You have some documents that you would like to share with other computers on your network, so you place them in your Public Documents folder. However, you also have some documents you don’t want to be shared, so you place them in your My Documents folder. Under normal circumstances this could end up being a real pain in the butt because your documents would be scattered over two locations, making it more difficult to organize them. However, if have both folders added to the Documents Library, you will be able to view all of the documents from both folders in one location.

Make sure that you do not temper your library in any case. Sometimes when libraries are tempered without the knowledge, then it can hamper the performance of your computer. For example, If you accidentally temper any of the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, then probably you will not be able to make the proper graphical output in your pc.

You can also view folders in a Library in ways that you couldn’t normally view them. In the upper right-hand corner of an open Library, you will find an Arrange By drop-down menu. This drop-down menu lets you sort the contents of the Library by Folder, Month, Day, Rating, or Tag. You can’t do this in a normal folder

Updated: August 29, 2018 — 12:09 pm

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